TD 1.5.1 X Oracle 11g

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TD 1.5.1 X Oracle 11g

Post by mbonato » 01 Oct 2008, 22:12

 Posted by:  M.B 

Hi ,

Is possible connect to Oracle 11g by TD 1.5.1 ?


I apreciate any help or suggestion...

Marcos Bonato

Juan L. Moschetti

TD 1.5.1 X Oracle 11g

Post by Juan L. Moschetti » 07 Oct 2008, 05:20

 Posted by:  Juan L. Moschetti 

It should be, but may have to install de oracle client, think now is
named "instant client". I use to have conflict with ociw32.dll shiped
with TD 1.5, had tu use the Oracle's client.
Good Luck

Juan Luis Moschetti

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