OLE DB Consumer using MySql

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Fabricio Suárez

OLE DB Consumer using MySql

Post by Fabricio Suárez » 26 Sep 2008, 00:24

 Posted by:  Fabricio Suárez 

Hi NG:

Does anyone have an example of OLE DB Consumer using MySql??



Jean-Philippe Victoire

OLE DB Consumer using MySql

Post by Jean-Philippe Victoire » 06 Oct 2008, 20:57

 Posted by:  Jean-Philippe Victoire 

hi Fabricio,

I installed myoledb v3.

sample :
Set SqlUser = toto
Set SqlPassword = toto
Set SqlDatabase = sDATABASE
Set SqlUDL = "Provider=MySqlProv;Location=" || sSERVER
If NOT SqlCreateSession( hSgAST, SqlUDL)
Return FALSE
If NOT SqlCreateStatement( hSgAST, hSqlgAST )
Return FALSE

Good luck

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