i need the configora32.sh file

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Roberto Martinez

i need the configora32.sh file

Post by Roberto Martinez » 10 Sep 2008, 00:04

 Posted by:  Roberto Martinez 


Im testing ctd in linux with wine..... i have connected to my sqlbase
(running in win server) without problems....

but when i want to connect to oracle my terminal says

trace:libsqlora32 - DllMain() - DLL PROCESS ATTACH Done
trace:libsqlora32 - DllMain() - DLL PROCESS DETACH Done

in my ctd cd there's a file where comments a need to execute the
configora32.sh file
whichs create the libsqlora32.so

but i dont buy the linux version.... so i need help.... anyone whos buy
the linux version can send me the file to continue my testings

i want use my linux eviroment complete and turnoff the winxp virtual

any help wil be appreciated...thanks

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