Oracle Database Link Error

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Corey Nermo

Oracle Database Link Error

Post by Corey Nermo » 27 Aug 2008, 21:15

 Posted by:  Corey Nermo 

OS = Vista 64 bit , XP
SQL Talk version 9.0.1
SQL Windows 4.2.0 Build 13978
Oracle 9i database drivers

I am getting the following sql error:
Identifier too long

The select statement is using an Oracle Database link

The code runs fine from Oracle sqlplus and Oracle SQL Scratchpad.
It fails with our own application when calling SalTblPopulate().
It also fails from SQL Talk version 9.0.1, although I am getting a slightly
different error:

00910 PRS ITL Identifier too long
Reason: An identifier exceeds 36 characters.
Remedy: Correct the identifier that exceeds 36 characters.

It appears as though the entire combination of schema+table+link
cannot exceed 37 characters.

I know Oracle Identifiers cannot exceed 30 characters, but it appears to be
excluding the schema and dblink name portions.

Has anyone had a similiar experience with Oracle or MSSQL?

Fridolin Schwarz

Oracle Database Link Error

Post by Fridolin Schwarz » 05 Sep 2008, 11:57

 Posted by:  Fridolin Schwarz 

Hi Corey,

I had the same, or maybe a similar, problem and the only solution I then
found was to create a shorter SYNONYM for that database object.


Corey Nermo

Oracle Database Link Error

Post by Corey Nermo » 05 Sep 2008, 22:18

 Posted by:  Corey Nermo 

Hi Fridolin;

Txs for the reply. Looks like that is the work around for now. A bit
annoying as this has happened at a client site using
one of our in-house programs.

Will be testing on Gupta 5.1 /Oracle 10g and see if it is still a problem.

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