communications speed on wan

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Hiroki Iwasaki

communications speed on wan

Post by Hiroki Iwasaki » 13 Sep 2006, 09:53

 Posted by:  Hiroki Iwasaki 

Hi all,

My customer want data about the communications speed
between their application on client and Oracle10g server through 1.5 MBps
lease line.
The client PCs are on WAN, not LAN.
(They can use only 1.5 MBps lease line because of their limited budget.)

Does anybody use an application built on TeamDeveloper in a similar
situation like this?
How is communications speed?

-Native router connection



communications speed on wan

Post by g.achrainer » 13 Sep 2006, 12:04

 Posted by:  g.achrainer 


I cannot tell you which performance you may expect since we don't use Oracle
here (and, of course, I don't know how much traffic your application will
generate). But we had about the same configuration with a SqlBase
connection. It worked, but it wasn't really fast. So we decided to switch to
a Terminal Server environment, which dramatically increased the speed of our



Martin Duty

communications speed on wan

Post by Martin Duty » 13 Sep 2006, 14:19

 Posted by:  Martin Duty 

We are able to run all of our TD programs across our T1 WAN connecting to MS
SQL Server. Never used Oracle, but there shouldn't be any difference. As
Gerhard stated, it really depends on how much traffic you put across the
net. It will be slower than your local net (unless you are still running
something like AppleTalk). We've done this since SQL Windows 1.5.1 using
dial up wan connections. It never was workable until we went to full T1
speeds. ISDN was able to do it, but extremly slow. T1 is ok, as long as you
are not pushing a huge amount of data either way.

Some things I've done to speed WAN conenctions is to build a versioning
sub-system. When the program starts it connects and checks version numbers
against registery settings to those on the database. This helps with
updates, but also helps in loading static data, like types of inventory and
sizes, security settings, any thing that you would normal load up at the
start of the program to intiliaze things. If the versions are the same, then
load from registery, local INI file, or local database. Then helps speed
program loading.

One thing you cuold do is to use Performance monitor on the database server
and see if you can check to see how much data is being transffered between
the client and the database. Using this, and knowing what the connection
speed are between them, you should be able to scale that down to the T1

Say on my 100 megabit ethernet a query sends 5,000 rows of data for a table
and takes 3 seconds, I think you could expect the same query across a T1 to
take over three minutes.

Terminal server is much faster and works great, if you have the resources on
the computer you are connecting into. We have looked at this also. but once
you start having a medium amount of users you start slowing down the box you
are on. We tried this havnig the users Term Serv into the database server
and run from there. Things were fast and nice. But when we went over 30
users, things slowed down fast. We added memeory to the server and it helped
some. Solution would be to add another server to be used for Terminal
Server, stuffed full of memory and setting next to the database server.

Also, I didn't think TD was certified to run under Terminal Server.


Gary Teichrow

communications speed on wan

Post by Gary Teichrow » 14 Sep 2006, 00:16

 Posted by:  Gary Teichrow 

IMO, it's all about latency. 1.5 is certainly a fat enough pipe, since
you're probably not dragging that much data (volumne wise) over the line.
That said, if you have a lot of back and forth activity, the latency can
kill you. In Swing apps in java, we try and make use of threading as much
as possible so that we are pulling data over many threads versus being
blocked on each call until completion. Another tip is to of course cache as
much non-volitile meta data on the client site as possible to avoid
unnecessary round trips... but this is all pretty obvious stuff ;)

Best of luck! It can be done!


Jim McNamara

communications speed on wan

Post by Jim McNamara » 14 Sep 2006, 16:24

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

We have T-1's at both the client and server. The client T-1's are also
handling VoIP and security audio/video streaming data. Our network
performance to SQLBase is quite satisfactory.

Jim McNamara

communications speed on wan

Post by Jim McNamara » 14 Sep 2006, 16:26

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

PS - T-1's are equivalent bandwidth of 1.5Mb lease lines. T-1's generally
go to the Internet.


communications speed on wan

Post by Reinaldo » 27 Sep 2006, 12:29

 Posted by:  Reinaldo 


I have one client with SQLServer2000 and Td2000 that uses ADSL to comunicate
between one computer and the server.
After the connect part, the speed is good, but the aplication was built with
that in mind (it only push data when is realy neded).

Reinaldo Santos

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communications speed on wan

Post by wilhelm » 30 Oct 2006, 11:51

 Posted by:  Wilhelm Speck 

Hi Hiroko,

this is basically all depending on how well the application is designed.
When you allways keep in mind, that you have a "slow" connection and
only fetch the necessary data you could even use a 64K line and would
not see much difference. Use the server like a server an you are fine.

Of course I have also seen applications which populate a table window by
executing many single selects in a SAM_FetchRowDone message for every
ROW. That naturally results im high traffic but this is because the
application uses the DB as if it were a local application.
Anyway a 1.5MBit line should be more than enough.


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