Performance TD 5.2 (2005-2010)
Pablo Foti

Performance TD 5.2

Post by Pablo Foti » 30 Jun 2010, 15:36

 Posted by:  Pablo Foti 

I've a app that makes a composition of balances.

Speed of process

with TD 4.1 -> 18 min
with TD 5.2 -> more than 1 hr 30 min

To generate the final result set, the application performs inserts and
updates in auxiliary tables. Finally query the auxiliary tables.
There are 4 auxiliary tables.
The last query returns around of 190.000 registries.

I've a function with a main query and while it returns a new row, it goes
making differents inserts, updates and queries of auxiliars tables. The SQL
statements are prepared before the main query (with SqlPrepare) and it are
executed (SqlExecute) while the query returns each row.

attached a generic example.

thanks in advance


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