Fonts enhancements (2005-2010)
Pablo Foti

Fonts enhancements

Post by Pablo Foti » 10 Jun 2010, 20:55

 Posted by:  Pablo Foti 


Somebody know how change the fonts enhancements of a cell (in a table
I need mark a cell to Bold or Italic. I would prefer highlight the cell's
background but i can`t. I was using the function VisTblSetCellColor, but
it's wrong.

Thanks in advance.


Alguien sabe como cambiar el tipo de fuente de una celda (en una grilla)?
Tengo que marcar una celda con negrita o cursiva. Sería preferible resaltar
el fondo de la celda, pero no puedo. Estuve usando la funcion
VisTblSetCellColor, pero funciona mal.

Desde ya muchas gracias.

Elio Boezio

Fonts enhancements

Post by Elio Boezio » 11 Jun 2010, 07:52

 Posted by:  Elio Boezio 

Hi Pablo,

Have you tried M!Table? It's brilliant! See snapshot (attached) of one of our applications.

Attachment: Image1.bmp

Rainer Ebert

Fonts enhancements

Post by Rainer Ebert » 11 Jun 2010, 09:29

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 

M!Table is the brilliant tool you need and has excelent support .

Pablo Foti

Fonts enhancements

Post by Pablo Foti » 11 Jun 2010, 17:05

 Posted by:  Pablo Foti 

Hi, first thanks for your answers.

I' ve saw the tool M!Table, but my company doesn't want work with that,
because it is not native to TD. And I've questioned to MICSTO if they will
offer support to TD 6.0 (.NET), and they told me that not.

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