version control of TD app/apl files (2005-2010)
Marco Westermann

version control of TD app/apl files

Post by Marco Westermann » 20 Jan 2010, 01:05

 Posted by:  Marco Westermann 

Hi there,

I have an issue about version control. We save all our sal-File (apps,
apls) as text and use cvs (svn in future) for version control. As of all
of the binary code in the apls, conflicts are a dayly problem. Is there
anything (tools, best practices) you can advise for this topic?

How do you make version control of your source code?

best regards,

Marco Westermann

Marat Sadretdinov

version control of TD app/apl files

Post by Marat Sadretdinov » 21 Jan 2010, 21:56

 Posted by:  Marat Sadretdinov 

Our team from 15 perons is engaged in working out of the big application
consisting of more than 150 app, apl files
Under the internal agreement in each file there is a function with name
formed by next pattern:


where XXXXXX - name of file without extension, In a case if there are app
and apl files with the same name, for apl-file '_APL' suffix is added
for example in file product.apt

Function: Product_Version
Static Variables
Local variables
Return '2.08.0034 (28.08.2008)'

As repository we use Team Object Manager
The last 4 categories in version number correspond to number of revision of
this file in repositary. After end of correction of a file before check in
the new version of a file in returned value of this function is manually

In Window About of our application we use a class in which are listed all
file names of components entered into the given aplication.
By this list we get the version of each component returned function which
call is made dynamically by means of SalCompileAndEvaluate

Function: GetModulVersion
String: p_Name
Static Variables
Local variables
String: strExpression
Number: nError
Number: nErrorPos
Number: nReturn
String: strReturn
Date/Time: dtReturn
Window Handle: hWndReturn
String: strContext
Number: nPos
Set nPos = SalStrScan( p_Name, '.' )
If nPos ???????/???????? ? ????????
?????????: news:MQmGiQWmKHA.364@websrv...

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