Table window checkboxes (2005-2010)

Table window checkboxes

Post by BSB » 15 Dec 2009, 12:47

 Posted by:  BSB 

Hi folks,

After migrating from Centura 1.5 to TD3.1, if i make any changes to the
table window attributes or any of the table window column attributes, the
checkboxes are getting left aligned. I tried to change the Justify attribute
of the check box column to Center, deleted the existing check box column and
added a new one in TD3.1, it does not change. Please see the attachment. If
i do not disturb the table window then it is fine.
Did any of you face this problem? Any solution for this?

Thanks in Advance.

Attachment: checkboxes4714a.jpg

Mati Paalmäe

Table window checkboxes

Post by Mati Paalmäe » 15 Dec 2009, 14:30

 Posted by:  Mati Paalmäe 


I don't have such problem. If I justify the column to center - it is center.
The workaround might be to set column title as 1 character and column with
according to that. So there is no difference in justify parameter. But it is
just a workaround.


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