Detect an idle and not idle state (2005-2010)
Mati Paalmäe

Detect an idle and not idle state

Post by Mati Paalmäe » 14 Dec 2009, 13:44

 Posted by:  Mati Paalmäe 


I would like to disconnect user automatically from the database after he or
she has been idle for example 10 minutes (no input from mouse or keyboard,
no messages processed). I discovered, that with SalIdleRegisterWindow, it is
easy to send some user message and set timer with SalTimerSet, but I have no
idea how to kill this timer, if user does something with keyboard or mouse
before 10 minutetes. There is no opposite function to SalIdleRegisterWindow,
that would send message if key is pressed or mouse is moved. With
SalIdleUnregisterWindow I can only stop sending idle messages, but that's
it. Can somebody give some advice in that matter? Or maybe the only solution
is to use some DLL function from Win API? In that case which one of them?

Thanks in advance,


Krzysztof Dorko

Re: Detect an idle and not idle state

Post by Krzysztof Dorko » 14 Dec 2009, 15:24

 Posted by:  Krzysztof Dorko 

I will try capture mouse movement over the window and this will trigger my
reconnect procedure


Re: Detect an idle and not idle state

Post by salvi_to » 23 Dec 2009, 15:04

 Posted by:  salvi_to 

An example.

CD 1.5.1


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