Combobox -Problem (2005-2010)
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Combobox -Problem

Post by EwaldP » 16 Oct 2009, 16:03

 Posted by:  Ewald Palmetshofer 

Hi, I´m using TD 1.5.1 PTF6 (but in TD 5.1 I´ve got the same problem).
Is there a possability to set the combobox attribute "Always show list"
= TRUE at runtime mode?

I don´t want to use the SalSendMsg( hWndItem, CB_SHOWDROPDOWN, TRUE, 0
)because there´s another behaviour.

By entering values in the combobox, the list scolls automatically to the
next entry in the list. But by using SalSendMsg( hWndItem,
CB_SHOWDROPDOWN, TRUE, 0 ) it is not possible to input a value, that
doesn´t show in the list. By using "Always show list" the user can input
a value that doesn´t show in the list.

In the testfile I want to input the data "SP16". The user should see the
related data in the combobox (like in cmb2). But it is not possible to
enter "SP16".

Please see attached testfile.
Any suggestions?
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Thomas Lauzi

Combobox -Problem

Post by Thomas Lauzi » 16 Oct 2009, 17:27

 Posted by:  Thomas Lauzi 

Yes, the behaviour of CB_SHOWDROPDOWN seems to differ. It wants to select an
entry of the list, although the combobox is editable.
I modified the sample a bit and stored the Comcobox value in a variable and
the it seems to work. Not nice, but...

Thomas L.

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