How to open a cache drawer (2005-2010)
Zdenko Devcic

How to open a cache drawer

Post by Zdenko Devcic » 17 Mar 2005, 20:58

 Posted by:  Zdenko Devcic 

Hi all,
how to open a cache drawer from PB in SAL; connection was with COM1.

Jim McNamara

How to open a cache drawer

Post by Jim McNamara » 17 Mar 2005, 23:10

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Use the SalFile...(...) functions to communicate with the com port. The
documentation for the cash drawer should indicate what character(s) to send
to pop the drawer.


How to open a cache drawer

Post by ChrissCross » 21 Mar 2005, 20:50

 Posted by:  ChrissCross 

Hello Zdenko
look in the manual for the cashdrawer, like somone said, the commands for it
will be there.


How to open a cache drawer

Post by Karthik » 21 Mar 2005, 23:02

 Posted by:  karthik 

The device will come with documentation. Usually, it is instantiated as
an ActiveX Control. Obviously, no CTD specific documentation is
available. But you need to contact your vendor for VB samples. You will
have to manually translate them to CTD code.

Tougher method is to call he DLL dunctions directly. Look at the Online
Book PDF files supplied by Gupta and you will know how to do this.

If you want to send the data directly tot he COM port, Joe has an
article on this in the TeaTalk section of

Best Wishes

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