Variant limit? (2005-2010)

Variant limit?

Post by Philipp » 14 Mar 2005, 09:28

 Posted by:  Philipp 

Hi NG,

When calling Parameter.SetNumber(p_nValue,VT_I4), and the number is very
high (like 9999999999) it generates an error (see attach) ...

Is there a limit on this ?
If yes, is there a workaround (we now need to convert large numbers to

Thanks in advance ...


PS.: sorry for posting this here again, I didn't see the now groups were
online after I posted to the old one.

Attachment: 2.JPG


Variant limit?

Post by John » 14 Mar 2005, 15:11

 Posted by:  John 

My thought is the 4 byte signed int (VT_I4) value you are using will not
handle any value over 4.3 million.


Variant limit?

Post by Philipp » 14 Mar 2005, 16:28

 Posted by:  Philipp 

Yep indeed, changed it to VT_R8 ... works like a charm now...


Stefan Beltrame

Variant limit ?

Post by Stefan Beltrame » 15 Mar 2005, 08:35

 Posted by:  Stefan Beltrame 

VT_I4 = 4 Byte Integer Value = +/- 2^31 = +/-2147483647

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