Launch an External program when a *.qrp is viewed

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Launch an External program when a *.qrp is viewed

Post by Valentin » 21 Dec 2008, 12:04

 Posted by:  Valentin 


Our financial software - IFS (Industrial Financial System) is using the report.exe viewer (Report Builder 3.0 the former Gupta).

I cannot see/change the sql queryes involved into those .qrp files. (nor the involved-script . It is encapsulated)
I can only play with the layout.

When a user launches a report from his client-side "Financial.exe" software , the report's window is embeded somehow into the "Financial.exe" launching-window.
This "Financial.exe" is made in Centura (it looks like Delphi to me..).
When a report is launched, the PostScript (or whatever it is..) generated by report.exe will be displayed into the calling-Centura-window.

Because many of this .qrp reports are not suitable for us and I don't have the tools to buid new ones ( qrp ) nor the time to experiment/learn,
I need a way to trigger the execution of an external exe or dll when a qrp report is launched.

My "Customer Invoice" qrp is incomplete, ugly and although I've made changes to it's complementary Oracle pl/sql procedure,
there is no way to include the new params into the qrp because it's already compiled but I can play (add, change..) with it's INTERNAL functions..

So I've made a "Customer Invoice" in excel . This excel is sucking it's data from the same tables used by the qrp version.
The problem is that I HAVE TO LAUNCH MANUALLY that CustomerInvoice.xls AFTER I LAUNCHED the QRP

Is there any way to re-code (a function something..) a .qrp to launch an external program once it's executed ?

In this way, the Centura-Button used to preview/print an invoice, will trigger/open "the" excel file invoice.xls

Can you code something into Report Builder 3.0 that will execute an external program ?

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