Printer margins through code

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Petr Valcik

Printer margins through code

Post by Petr Valcik » 17 Jul 2008, 07:48

 Posted by:  Petr Valcik 

I am struggling repeatedly with printer margins. Using various till slip
printers some of which have 3 inch (75mm) and 80mm paper. The problem is
also that some of the printers have different margins. So if I have the same
qrp for all printer I end up with only a 2,5 inch printable area which is a
bit small. But the 3 inch (75mm) printers seem to function with a 0 margin.

Is there a way to get the printer margins from the printer and then over
riding the report settings with code? Something similar to
SalReportGetPrinterSettings that gives me printer margins etc as well?

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