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network printer print button invisible

Post by Hans » 28 Feb 2008, 09:13

 Posted by:  Hans 

hello newsgroup, hi guys from unify,
your are my last chance.
we use an application based on Centura 9.0.1 with reportbuilder 2.1 on
citrix terminalserver.
al servers running w2k3 server. All printers are shared by windows print
sometimes the reportbuildert doesnt "see" the default printer, the print
menue is disabled.
On the same terminalserver some users can print, some users dont.
When i get the user session and reconnect the shared printer, all all works
On next day the same problem came up by other users....
we test this scenario on a "naked" windows 2003 server without patches and
same problem...
all printers are from kyocera (1800/1900/3xxx) and used with pcl 5/6 drivers

plz help


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