Any experiences with the PDF export feature of RB5.1?

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Any experiences with the PDF export feature of RB5.1?

Post by Beta Tester » 27 Nov 2007, 16:51

 Posted by:  Beta Tester 

We did run some first tests in a project and it generally looks not so bad
but we have painting issues with images and background colors in frames (not
sure how thats exactly implemented in the QRP) where the preview and
printout in 5.1 look similar to 3.0 but the result in the exported PDF is
incorrect (images scaled incorrect and background color not in correct

Currently this makes me believe that the PDF export feature is not usable in
a real life project. But as I said we did not spend too much time on testing
yet. So any feedback about people using (non trivial) RB reports exported to
PDF and getting good results would be highly welcome.


Jeff Luther
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Any experiences with the PDF export feature of RB5.1?

Post by Jeff Luther » 27 Nov 2007, 17:29

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

Martin - this sounds like something for the bugreport forum area issue, and
I would suggest you post this msg. there, and include a test case (TD v51
app + QRP) that can show this problem. I'm sure they'd also want to know
the printer driver that's generating the PDF. Adobe? 3rd-party product?
What version?

And if you wanted me to check this out on my machine, I would suggest making
the test case one that does *not* require SB v11, since I cannot get that
installed properly on my PC without its setup clobbering my other versions
of TD & SB.

(I did install SB 11 with v51, but had to back it out and 'play' with the
registry to get my other SB versions to work. I know... sounds like something
I might submit as an issue as well. But Gupta--and now Unify--have seemed
to always assume that an install 'owns' the PC world; it's never been all
that friendly with co-habitation of > 1 version of the product.)

Best Regards,
Jeff @ PC Design
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Beta Tester

Any experiences with the PDF export feature of RB5.1?

Post by Beta Tester » 28 Nov 2007, 08:55

 Posted by:  Beta Tester 

Thanks for your reply.

First of all: TD 5.1 can natively create PDF's from reports without any PDF
printer driver! Thats the only reason why we evaluate it at all for a
specific project.

I know that I could post the problems as bug reports. But I wanted to first
collect some more infos if others are really using that new PDF export

If we decide not to upgrade the project to 5.1 I really won't take the time
to write test cases for trivial problems in PDF export.


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Any experiences with the PDF export feature of RB5.1?

Post by Mirko » 28 Nov 2007, 09:39

 Posted by:  Mirko BONANNO 

Oh shit!!!

Do you mean that Printing to PDF is (another) again trivial implementation?

Well, Unify, what are we supposed to think when the only new feature
implemented in RB in 3 years is unusable in real life?

I did not test 5.1 myself (don't have neither time nor gls) and don't know
if I want to pay an upgrade for unfinished features!!

Hey Gupta user !! More then one month has past since v5.1 was realised (at
this time, after one little month, V5 was withdrawn) ; Is it a usable
product ?



BTW I went to another product presentation yesterday and during 3 hours we
were 'bombed' with 129 (out of 500) new features demos. It was free, I
received lot of doc's, goodies and t-shirts for me and my 2 daughters

Beta Tester

Any experiences with the PDF export feature of RB5.1?

Post by Beta Tester » 28 Nov 2007, 11:25

 Posted by:  Beta Tester 

Here is a short update:

PDF export is completely messed up as soon as it comes to lines and borders.
I don't see a need for specific test cases because every (100%) of our
reports using this features was affected so it should be fairly simply for
Unify to identify the vast majority of problems in this area without
specific testcases.

We came to the conclusio that the PDF export feature basically is
implemented very nicely but the fact that lines and borderes are completely
broken renders all the work that had been invested in this feature useless
for us at the moment.

Any feedback about upcoming approvements in this area for the announced SP1
would be highly appreciated. We need to make a decision now how we implement
this PDF export. Using a printer driver is not an option in our specific
case (don't ask or argue why its a given fact not to be discussed).

Options considered so far are:

1. Use TD5.1 - not possible at the moment
2. Rewrite all reports using List & Label
3. Port the entire app to .NET and the reports to CR


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