Abort Printing

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Abort Printing

Post by chrisylt » 30 Aug 2007, 01:38

 Posted by:  Chris Tsui 

Is there a way to abort priniting? In my prograom, I call the function
SalReportPrint. This sends the SAM_ReportStart message. Within
SAM_ReportStart, I execute sql statmentst. If there is an error in the sql
statement, the program will contrinue to run and the report will get
generated with no/incorrect data (Note that I have overrided the
SAM_SqlError message so users don't have the option to Halt).

Thanks and Regards

Chris Tsui

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Abort Printing

Post by Mirko » 30 Aug 2007, 08:30

 Posted by:  Mirko BONANNO 

Hi Chris,

use SAM_ReportFetchInit instead of SAM_ReportStart (hol says "Gupta ignores
SAM_ReportStart's return value") and Return FALSE if there is an error !!!


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