Deploying Report Windows

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Deploying Report Windows

Post by Jon » 06 Dec 2000, 17:36

 Posted by:  Jon 


I am a CTD 151 Developer. Can I Distribute Report Builder with
the applications developed with CTD?.

I have read that it is necessary a special licence agreement with Centura,
but it is impossible to contact Centura (at least here in Europe). In other
places it seems that you only need to have a CTD licence.

Can anybody help me?


Martin Knopp

Deploying Report Windows

Post by Martin Knopp » 06 Dec 2000, 22:16

 Posted by:  Martin Knopp 

AFAIK if you only ship predefined templates (QRP-Files) or reports
(CQT-Files) you do not need an additional license. If you need to ship the
ReportBuilder Designer you need a special ReportBuilder license.

This licensing is the same worldwide.

Try to contact Centura in UK (see address at They should be
able to point you to the right person for you.

Martin Knopp, Dipl. Ing.
fecher GmbH / Österreich
Geschäftsführer / Managing Director
phone: +43-1-3199124-0
fax: +43-1-3199124-80

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