M!Table and TD 7 x64

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M!Table and TD 7 x64

Post by martinenco » 05 Jul 2017, 15:48

I can't use TD 7 w64 with M!Table due bitwise incompatibility. With x32 version of TD7 I haven't any issues.
Is there any workaround?
Michael , you have plans to create a 64 bit version for M!table's dlls?


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M!Table And TD 7 W64

Post by micsto » 07 Jul 2017, 06:54

Maybe there will be a 64bit version mid of 2018.
I have to migrate the printing part to C++ first, it's programmed with a very old Delphi version.
And that's really a lot of work, and I have little time :/

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