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RACON and cSplitter

Post by Marco » 17 Jul 2017, 15:08

Hello all,

we're currently migrating from 5.2 to 7.0.2. but we're running into some problems.

First problem:
We used the RACON.SQLWindows.UserInterface.dll from the wiki to paint dynamically created buttons in the "correct" color (same color as the standard buttons).
Unfortunately, RACON is not available for TD 7.0. (yet?). Is there another way to do the painting? (Button1.jpg is TD 5.2 with RACON, Button2 TD 7.0 without RACON and Button3 is how the normal buttons look.)

Second problem:
We still use "cSplitter". The splitter itself is painted correct, but the elements "attached" to the left or right side of the splitter act as if the splitter is not existent, e.g. the table that should only be shown on the left side of the splitter goes across the whole window. Moving the splitter has also no effect.
Is there a replacement for the cSplitter? Couldn't find anything via google or any forums.

Maybe a third problem:
Rich Text Controls - when above mentioned splitter is moved, we call SalSetWindowLoc ( hWnd, nX, nY ), hWnd beeing the rtc element. This results in a "The internal Memory has become invalid" message, which is not very helpful. The window handle is valid and functions like SalIsWindowEnabled work/return TRUE.

Also, if the rtc-ToolBar is not visible at design time and SalRTFShowToolBar is called during runtime --> "The internal Memory...". Same applies for SalRTFShowToolBarButton.

I'll attach a sample for problem 2 and 3 tomorrow, though I hope there's a replacement for the cSplitter control - never really liked that one..

Regards Marco
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