Some VisDos functions are no longer supported?

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Some VisDos functions are no longer supported?

Post by Dave Rabelink » 12 Mar 2018, 22:07

Reading this Knowledge Base article: ... /KB8824392
Applies to
Gupta Team Developer (TD) 7.0.4

With Team Developer, some VisDos functions are no longer supported. With the compatibility report for version 6.3, this deprecation was reported but the compatibility report for TD7 does not show them as being deprecated. There is also an error shown when producing the report: Duplicate Symbol: HTTP_GET.

This issue occurs in (but may not be limited to): Team Developer 7

Tracking Number
The article does not mention which functions are deprecated. I have probably missed something in the release notes.
Does anyone have the details on this?
Dave Rabelink

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