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Post by Ingo Pohl » 28 May 2009, 12:06

 Posted by:  Ingo Pohl 


Here i have a little collection for Peaople who wants to fax:

Under Win-XP install the Fax-Service as described here:

After that, you have the ability to generate an Active-X called: "faxcom 1.0
Type Library"

Now you should open my file called "faxcom 1.0 Type Library.apl" and
copy/paste the class definitions since i updatet every single class and
within each class every function-description and parameters with the
official text from MSDN found here:

Within the file is also a class called "fcFaxServer".
This one has functions implemented to create your first fax.

A little example of how to use is shown in the formwindow if you press the

Also i collected a Summary of the classes, its hierachy and the functions in
the word document.

(The example i build with TD3.1 PTF4 and was saved as text;)

In order to run the test programm copy the test.rtf to c:\temp\ (if the path
doesnt exist you have to create it)

Any comments are wellcome.

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