Generating password

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Generating password

Post by Merlin » 19 Sep 2008, 13:41

 Posted by:  Merlin 


I´m looking for a possibility to create alpha numeric passwords using
Centura 1.5 or to get one from my Oracle database.
Has anyone written a function already for that purpose that I could use?

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Luther
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Re: Generating password

Post by Jeff Luther » 19 Sep 2008, 20:57

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

I've got something on my unify/td page you should be able to use:
click there, then on Samples and look for "Generate...". It was the coding
solution for a request like yours some years ago.

- Jeff
Unify Corp.

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Re: Generating password

Post by FRBhote » 24 Sep 2008, 07:33

 Posted by:  F R Bhote 

And it's a very good one - I use it myself too.

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