Where to find word object apl for CTD 5.1?

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Wolfgang Aschauer

Where to find word object apl for CTD 5.1?

Post by Wolfgang Aschauer » 16 Sep 2008, 12:33

 Posted by:  Wolfgang Aschauer 

Hi folks,

I'm try to convert a CTD 1.5.1 application to CTD 5.1
Most seems to work but I get several compiling errors from functions within
word8obj.apl and off8obj.apl
Word8 is not the latest version :-) and so I try to find the activeX apls
for a newer version of office
which work together with CTD 5.1

Can anyone help me to find the way to these files




Re: Where to find word object apl for CTD 5.1?

Post by constructor » 16 Sep 2008, 13:21

 Posted by:  constructor 

Hi Wolfgang,

normally you can find the .apl files in the folder AXLibs. The whole path
may look like this:
C:\Programme\Unify\Team Developer 5.1\AXLibs

If not already built, you can use ActiveX Explorer to do the Job. You'll
find it under Tools in the menu of TD5.1 IDE.
Load your application.
Open ActiveX Explorer and be sure that Type Libraries is marked. Search for
an intrance like
"Microsoft Word x.xx Object Library" (where x.xx is your installed version)
and select it. Click on Ok.
A new window opens and the components of the library are shown. Right click
on the first entrance and select
"Generate options...". In the new window select "Full by name". Close this
window and select in the previous
window "Generate full by Name".
The missing apl. files are now generated and automatically included into
your application.

Hope this helps.


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