Centura:JPEG error in ctd1.5

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Centura:JPEG error in ctd1.5

Post by eemore » 09 Sep 2008, 11:13

 Posted by:  Efe Emore 


I use CTD 1.5ptf6 in an older application

Problem is some images do not display properly

It simpy shows Centura:JPEG

Efe Emore
Information Engineering Technologies Limited

Jim McNamara

Re: Centura:JPEG error in ctd1.5

Post by Jim McNamara » 09 Sep 2008, 14:15

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Your app isn't finding the correct version of IMXXjpg.dil. Some other app
may have installed a different version of ImageMan and change the path. You
may want to put the IMXXxxx.dil files in your deployment folder.

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