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Alexander Traxler


Post by Alexander Traxler » 19 Dec 2007, 12:31

 Posted by:  Alexander Traxler 


Has anybody ever encountered the usage of the WM_Notify-Message?
How can I get to the Information transported with this message in the lParam
(pointer to a structure)?

Cheers from Vienna,

Krzysztof Dorko

Re: WM_Notify?

Post by Krzysztof Dorko » 19 Dec 2007, 15:07

 Posted by:  Krzysztof Dorko 

It is not so complicated
Take a look.


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Alexander Traxler

Re: WM_Notify?

Post by Alexander Traxler » 21 Dec 2007, 11:11

 Posted by:  Alexander Traxler 

Hi Kris!

Thanx for the sample-code!
I'll take it as my personal christmas-present! ;o)

Alex :o)

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