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W. Fiedler

Starting VPN

Post by W. Fiedler » 31 Aug 2007, 15:47

 Posted by:  W. Fiedler 

Hi folks,

is it possible to start and end a VPN-Connecting thru Gupta like RASPHONE
does ?
Win XP DLL or source or Link?

Calling rasphone is possible but you dont have the controll of being
connected or disconnected .

Thanks for yout help !!


Jim McNamara

Re: Starting VPN

Post by Jim McNamara » 31 Aug 2007, 18:57

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Your VPN service provider should have an Active-X or at least some .dll
documentation to help you accomplish that. Then you can embed the Active-X
in your app or add the external library link to your app. There is TD
documentation in Books on Line and sample applications for similar topics in
your samples directory for the TD side. The VPN provider side probably has
some VB or C++ samples to help get you started.

After you've done a little homework on your own someone can help you with
the specifics.

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