Smartcards / Memorycards

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Smartcards / Memorycards

Post by klaushaidinger » 13 Apr 2007, 09:59

 Posted by:  Klaus Haidinger 

good morning!

I've googled over 4 hours now, but i can´t find a component (activex,
dll, ..) to implement the smartcard-reader/writer into my application.
the point is, there are some activex where smartcards can be read and
written - but i´m using memory-cards. the pc/sc protocol does not
support "unsecure" memory cards.

thank you for you help!

Gerhard Achrainer

Re: Smartcards / Memorycards

Post by Gerhard Achrainer » 13 Apr 2007, 11:29

 Posted by:  g.achrainer 


I've searched for a way to implement those cards as well (you're talking
about Chipdrive, aren't you?).

Seems as if there is no component available, and - even worse - no support
if you want to do it by yourself.

If you should find a solution, I'd be quite interested, maybe we could work
together on that? Just drop me a mail if you're interested.




Re: Smartcards / Memorycards

Post by Mike » 26 Apr 2007, 16:15

 Posted by:  Mike 

Smartcards are available in various versions. All have a driver tho of one or another kind. Some will have a keyboard wedge in there which means you can use
them as you would a barcode reader, make an edit box, set the focus and catch the data. Some are serial port only so make a dll and communicate with it
(some smartcard providers do deliver a proper sdk), some smartcards use the microsoft smartcard sdk. Which means you can also use it in Centura. So if I were you
I would ONLY choose a smartcard I can communicate with. Hence ask the smartcard reseller or better yet the manufacturer for an sdk.

They are not really standard so therefore you didnt find any. I suggest you look for the big names of smartcard readers and check their site for a programmign toolkit or sdk.
Gab that and read in there.

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