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Marcelo Guimarães


Post by Marcelo Guimarães » 15 Feb 2007, 21:10

 Posted by:  Marcelo Guimarães 


How can i export data from Report (.QRP) to Word (.DOC)? it's possible?
Something like: from Report Preview to PDF, using the pdfwriter, for

Marcelo Guimarães

Jeff Luther
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Re: QRP to DOC

Post by Jeff Luther » 16 Feb 2007, 00:37

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

I do not know that you can directly. But, there are a couple options:
-- SalReportPrintToFile() allows you to print a report out in RTF format. I
have not used this function, but perhaps worth a try. Word can read in RTF

-- Depending on your report, I see that Word 2003 supports reading in XML
and HTML files. I have a code sample on my link below showing how to create
these XML/HTML from a SQL query. Perhaps you could use this method, unless
you have lots of special formatting in your report.

-- Last, I just googled: print to word document here:

and there look to be a couple converter links. Others here may have an idea
or two for you.

Best Regards,
Jeff @ PC Design
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