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Jorge Aguilar

Capture Screen

Post by Jorge Aguilar » 12 Jan 2007, 01:53

 Posted by:  Jorge Aguilar 

Hi everyboy i found a APP, to capture screen and save in a file as
screen.bmp it's work very well
but i have a little problem, the size of BMP its over 4MB, and its
impossible to send via mail.
i think someone of yours develop capture screen or activate window and save
as JPG its smaller and
faster to send by mail.
I have CTD 3.1, or exists an Activex control??

Any idea

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Re: Capture Screen

Post by David » 12 Jan 2007, 05:05

 Posted by:  David 

I use the ActiveX WebPicDeluxe. Works well under XP and Vista.


Jorge Aguilar wrote :

Jeff Luther
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Re: Capture Screen

Post by Jeff Luther » 12 Jan 2007, 06:10

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

Well, here's another great code example from C. Astor! I can't read your
RAR file, Jorge, bu this code from 2000 captures the screen to a BMP. Maybe
you have the same code?

Bad news is that the file is 5meg or so; GOOD NEWS is that zipping the BMP
shrank it down to 48K! That has to be enough to email. All you need is some
zip code to complete the job. Check this site for recommendations or do a
search. There are a couple free zip utilities around, I think.

I'll attach Christian's code and a zip of the screen I shot.

Best Regards,
Jeff @ PC Design

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Zdenek Fuchs

Re: Capture Screen

Post by Zdenek Fuchs » 12 Jan 2007, 07:54

 Posted by:  Zdenek Fuchs 

Try "M!Image" from


Christian Astor

Re: Capture Screen

Post by Christian Astor » 12 Jan 2007, 08:29

 Posted by:  Christian ASTOR 

He has posted the next version (without DLL)...
But a simple way to convert any format (here e.g. BMP to JPG) is to use
SHConvertGraphicsFile() (>= XP)

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Re: Capture Screen

Post by michael » 17 Jan 2007, 16:22

 Posted by:  Michael Hummel 

MImage from micsto


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