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Rolf Bunzel


Post by Rolf Bunzel » 12 Dec 2006, 09:32

 Posted by:  Rolf Bunzel 

The Centura.hlp says:
The bStaticsAsWindows variable alters the configuration of static objects.
Static objects are background text, lines, and frames. In SQLWindows 4.0 and
later, static objects are painted. This change improves runtime performance
when creating and painting form windows and dialog boxes.
The bStaticsAsWindows variable allows you to force an application to create
lines, frames, and background text as real windows. By setting this variable
to TRUE, you eliminate the performance advantage of the SQLWindows 4.0 and
later implementation.
Setting this variable to TRUE
Before creating a top level window, go to the On SAM_AppStartup portion of
the SQLWindows Outline. Under Global Declarations, set bStaticsAsWindows to
TRUE. Since bStaticsAsWindows is a global system variable, the value will
persit until you change it.

1. SQLWindows 4.0 ist at least 18 Years old?! Correct?
2. Is the dokumentation still correct >>>> By setting this variable to
TRUE, you eliminate the performance advantage

Jim McNamara

Re: BStaticsAsWindows

Post by Jim McNamara » 12 Dec 2006, 18:53

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

SqlWindows 4.0 is circa 1993-1994 so 18 is over stated by 5-6 years.
Team Developer 4.0, AKA TD2005, is about 2 years old.

TRUE, you eliminate the performance advantage<<<<<

When we were running apps in Windows 3.1 on 386's & 486's with 1Mb to 2Mb of
memory, every ounce of performance was critical. Now with 2.5Gh to 3.5Gh
processors & a modest 256Mb of memory I don't think most users would see the

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