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Jorge Aguilar


Post by Jorge Aguilar » 05 Dec 2006, 18:21

 Posted by:  Jorge Aguilar 

Hi everybody i need get data from automation machine vis RS232, to save in a
any database, some idea?
The selects will be in Centura 1.5 or 3.1

Please is URGENT!!!,
Thanks a lot

Jeff Luther
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Post by Jeff Luther » 05 Dec 2006, 20:17

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

Here is a zip of some serial port code that has appeared here on the NG over the
past several years. I have not tried any of it, but you might find something
useful. There has also been some msgs. on BuildCommDCB() and other topics, so
be sure to check for old msgs.

ALso, there will be some msgs. on Gupta's old NG, still around in read-only

NOTE: I have not tested these examples and cannot guarantee any of them. The
files in SERIAL_PORT_ACCESS.ZIP look to be the most complete, however.

You may need to use my TD-Converter utility to back-convert the TD code for
our version. It and other samples are available on my link page, shown below.

Good luck!

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design

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Jim McNamara


Post by Jim McNamara » 05 Dec 2006, 22:06

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

You need to open the com port and read in the data stream using the
SalFile... functions ( or the VisFile...) functions. You read/write to it
much like you do a text file on a drive. There are some caveats, especially
if NULL characters are being passed.

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