Integrating IBM MQ and TD

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Integrating IBM MQ and TD

Post by sreeraj » 10 Nov 2006, 09:30

 Posted by:  sreeraj 


Can I integrate IBM MQ in TD? Has any body used this technology using the
dll MQAX200.dll in TD?
I am using TD 2.1 version under WinXP environment.

Thanks in advance


Jeff Luther
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Re: Integrating IBM MQ and TD

Post by Jeff Luther » 10 Nov 2006, 17:49

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

I have not done this, but it seems there's a good chance that "Yes" is the
answer. A quick search for "IBM MQ" yielded this page:

and since there's a TD SOAP interface to web services shown on Lubos' page here:

(click on "XML&Web Serices" in the right pane of the web page for an overview)

with some work you might get it going. Let us know how you do. And maybe
someone else here has done this.

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design

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