"ExtractIconA" fails with Vista ?

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David D

"ExtractIconA" fails with Vista ?

Post by David D » 18 Oct 2006, 20:04

 Posted by:  David D 


I use to call this function to extract an icon from a library file (.ICL)
Under 98,2000,XP, it works but with Vista, the value returned is always 0.
I've made a search on MSDN, but not found yet any tips.

Anyone else has success with this function ?

Vista RC1 fr, CTD 1.5.1ptf6

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Re: "ExtractIconA" fails with Vista ?

Post by cschubert » 20 Oct 2006, 20:23

 Posted by:  Christian Schubert 


make sure not to use ordinal numbers in external function declaration.
Ordinals may have changed in Vista.


Christian Schubert

David D

Re: "ExtractIconA" fails with Vista ?

Post by David D » 24 Oct 2006, 16:39

 Posted by:  David D 


Finally i found that something has really changed inside ExtractIconA, maybe
due to libray format ;
If i use "shell32.dll" (from XP or Vista) instead of my "MyOwnLibrary.icl",
i've got the icon as expected.
I'm going to do more tests with home-made icon libraries.


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