Modeless dialog

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Modeless dialog

Post by andypeacock » 11 Oct 2006, 17:39

 Posted by:  Andrew Peacock 

Hi Guys
I am importing a file into a table on a main form and need to check
info with the table and that of which I am loading into a dialog box. The
problem is that some of the info cannot be seen when the dialog appears so i
thought i would use a modeless dialog box. The problem with that is that it
doesnt stop the proccess and bring up all the dialog boxes at the end. One
for each line. Can anyone help me bring the dialog up wait until i have
selected from dialog and then close the dialog being able to check info
between the form and dialog.

Philip Hautekiet

Re: Modeless dialog

Post by Philip Hautekiet » 26 Oct 2006, 10:37

 Posted by:  Philip Hautekiet 

Give the top level table window a toolbar.
Put a Text box in the toolbar and fill it with the info of the file loading
Fill a long string variable with the info of the file loading process.
Open a dialog box after the file is processed.

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