Include statements

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Include statements

Post by cws » 27 Sep 2006, 13:46

 Posted by:  cws 


When including a a sql windows file into another sql win file, is there
any way to exclude things from the included file. I know there is a
command to select from included file, but would be nice to be able to

Regards /C-W

Didier Tourneur

Re: Include statements

Post by Didier Tourneur » 27 Sep 2006, 15:36

 Posted by:  Didier Tourneur 

you must play with the path of your include that have the same name

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Re: Include statements

Post by RainerE » 27 Sep 2006, 16:17

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 

There is no command to exclude from included files.
And notice that the old command to select from included file only works with
the very very old 16bit versions of Gupta SqlWindows, not with Centura Team
Developer and not with Gupta Team Developer.


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