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Word apl

Post by Arun » 26 Sep 2006, 07:56

 Posted by:  Arun 

hi ng

can we print qrp to word as we print to pdf.
i mean with the same formatting given in the qrp.
can any body help with source code?

i am using ctd 1.5.1 ptf -6


Martin Duty

Re: Word apl

Post by Martin Duty » 26 Sep 2006, 15:56

 Posted by:  Martin Duty 


Not that I know of.

I do use Word and Excel to do some reports. Just use ActiveX and layout the
Word (or Excel) and push in your data. Sometimes it helps to have a Template
set up with the default layout and bookmarks set where the data needs to go.
then you can open a new word document (using the template), fill in the
data, print it, close Word. Setting Word not to be visible, the user never
see's that it was done in Word.


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