[Sample] XML schema walker (XSD) using MS SOM

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Dave Rabelink
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[Sample] XML schema walker (XSD) using MS SOM

Post by Dave Rabelink » 23 Sep 2006, 09:15


This sample application walks through XML schemas (XSD's) and outputs the contents using MSXML4 Schema Object Model (SOM).

It is based on the Microsoft sample 'Walk the SOM application',
described in :

The TD source, axlib and sample schema's (XSD's) can be found
in the attached file XMLSchemaWalker.zip.

Use the BrowseSchema button to select a schema (XSD).
(Sample schema's are located in the SampleSchemas folder)

The contents of the XSD file are shown as string in the left multiline

Use the WalkSchema button to start traversing the XSD using Microsoft
Output will be displayed in the multiline field on the right.

This application is created with TD31.
Regenerate the MSXML axlib when another TD or SOM version is used.

If you find issues please report it.


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Jeff Luther
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Re: [Sample] XML schema walker (XSD) using MS SOM

Post by Jeff Luther » 23 Sep 2006, 19:20

Thanks, Dave! for posting it here. I'm sure many of us can use this. Well done!

Best Regards - Jeff

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