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Post by Sandra » 21 Sep 2006, 14:21

 Posted by:  Sandra 

Has anybody an example for usíng dynalibs in a application.

Jeff Luther
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Re: Dynalibs

Post by Jeff Luther » 21 Sep 2006, 18:25

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

Well, I just put up a sample with an APD (dynalib) and a source
sample. Go here: http://www.pulpcards.com/gupta/#Code_Samples

and look for "TD-RBS" for your version of TD. Source for the APD
isn't there, but

I'll also include my 'Cliff Notes' as to what is and what is not
exported in a dynalib. I saved the apt in v1.5, though if you use
that TD ver. to read, you'll get an error with "Enumerations". Just
ignore -- enums. are not exported, FYI.

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design
info: www.pulpcards.com/gupta/

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