Tree Control CTD 1.5.1

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Jorge Aguilar

Tree Control CTD 1.5.1

Post by Jorge Aguilar » 23 Aug 2006, 19:30

 Posted by:  Jorge Aguilar 

Hi everybody, i need sample of tree to create a datamart of sales, of many
levels, i found cOutlineListBox, but this control cant insert, only read an
select. any idea and if can send me a example.

thanks a lot

Jeff Luther
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Re: Tree Control CTD 1.5.1

Post by Jeff Luther » 23 Aug 2006, 20:31

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

Here's a version originally from:
"Centura Team Developper 1.1.2
TreeView Common Control
© Christian Astor"

I modified and did a little renaming because the ver. I had wasn't really in v1.1,
but v2.1. So, that's why the APLs are renamed (after being back-converted). I left
them named that way so there wouldn't be any verion incompatibilities. It loads and
runs in my CTD v1.5.

I didn't check if it can insert, but it might be a start for you.

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design

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