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Post by Nic » 06 Jul 2006, 17:07

 Posted by:  Nic 


I have to convert a Visual C# program into gupta. What the way to import a
.NET component to my Gupta-application?

Jim McNamara

Re: .NET

Post by Jim McNamara » 06 Jul 2006, 19:28

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Start by reading Books on Line > Developing with SQL Windows > Call External
Functions in DLLS

If you get stuck, which most of use did the first few times, feel free to
come back with specific questions.

Keith Sandberg

Re: .NET

Post by Keith Sandberg » 06 Jul 2006, 20:27

 Posted by:  Keith Sandberg 

On my machine at work, I have the following installed:

Visual Studio .NET 2003
Visual Studio 2005
Team Developer 2.1

Many of the controls that were installed with Visual Studio are also
available in Team Developer... just click on TD's "ActiveX Explorer" and
you'll see them listed (Microsoft Forms 2.0 controls, etc.). I haven't
done a lot of practicing, but the .NET controls I have dropped on my TD form
windows seem to work just fine. If your .NET app is registered as an
"automation object" (or whatever Microsoft is calling COM DLL's these days),
I believe it will show up in TD's ActiveX explorer, as well. You may be
able to simply drag-and-drop your app's interface into a TD form window.

Alternatively, if your .NET app is not COM-compliant but can controlled via
VBScript... you can put VBScript in your TD app using Microsoft's Script
Control. If you want to go a step further - Microsoft has yet another
tool called the "Script COMponent Wizard". You can make *any* VBScript into
a registered COM automation object - which means you can create a COM-like
interface for ANY app that supports scripting. I have tested both of these
methods (minimally) and they appear to work as advertised.

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