Problems with IParam

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Jochen Rieseberg

Problems with IParam

Post by Jochen Rieseberg » 31 May 2006, 14:34

 Posted by:  Jochen Rieseberg 

Hello you all,

in our application we use information from a dialog Window to change values
in a main table window. A doubleclick in a certain cell of the main table
window opens the dialog window which contains another table. With a
doubleclick on the rowheader we choose a value which then is taken to the
selected cell in the main window. Sometimes, we do not know why, this value
occurs in another row as the selected one, and we found out, that in these
cases the value of IParam within function SalTblSetRowFlags( hWndForm,
lParam, ROW_Edited, TRUE ) has a value i.e. -274144543. Does anybody know
how i can read and influence the value of the IParam, or how i can get the
rownumber of a selected row?

Thanx in advance

Jochen Rieseberg

Jeff Luther
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Re: Problems with IParam

Post by Jeff Luther » 31 May 2006, 17:53

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

Sounds like there's no context row assigned for your TW when this happens,
Jochen. I thought your value below might be TBL_MinRow (or _MaxRow) but just
set a breakpoint to eval. and that isn't it.

You don't say where lParam is coming from -- i.e., what msg. you are trapping
to then call SalTblSetRowFlags() -- but with your d-click, then dialog, another
TW, d-click on that and back to a main window, there's some logic in there that
is 'losing' the correct lParam. There's only 1 lParam, so if you trap msg. A,
go to msg. B (new lParam value), then back to msg. A, you won't have the correct
lParam for msg. A.

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design

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