Problem with dockable dialog

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Problem with dockable dialog

Post by tk » 28 Mar 2006, 19:27

 Posted by:  tk 

hi all,

there is problem with dockable dlg's.

Assuming you have an modless dockable dialog, but it is free-floating. Now
you create from within these dialog a new modal dlg (as Child from
hWndForm). If you close now the modal dlg, the modeless will also close.
Please see the sample.
Workaround: Create the modal dlg as child from hWndNULL and all is fine.
I'm thinking this behaviour is a bug.


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Keith Sandberg

Re: Problem with dockable dialog

Post by Keith Sandberg » 28 Mar 2006, 20:21

 Posted by:  Keith Sandberg 

what version of TD do you have?

i tried your sample with TD v2.1 PTF4 and it worked OK (the modeless dlg did
not close)


Re: Problem with dockable dialog

Post by tk » 29 Mar 2006, 08:53

 Posted by:  tk 

I'm working with TD2005.1 Ptf1

The problems occur only in dockable dialogs and only if such a dialog is
free floating, if it is docked, all is fine. I think I can live with this
behaviour - but I have to know, that I have to create the overlaying modal
dlg as child from hWndNULL. Although it's a bug in my opinion.

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