Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library

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Tina Stewart

Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library

Post by Tina Stewart » 22 Mar 2006, 11:04

 Posted by:  Tina Stewart 

Could anyone direct me to help files, samples or documentation regarding
this activeX library?

Jeff Luther
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Re: Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library

Post by Jeff Luther » 22 Mar 2006, 17:16

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

Good ol' Google... I just did a search on:
"Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library"

and came up with quite a few links, including:

Toward the bottom of the page is "Additional Resources" with links that
might help.

Additionally, there have been several msgs. and attachments in this area
of the NG and in Gupta's old group:

Look back through those msg. area, though TD version and Word xx version
of an APL can be an issue. And if you have a specific task you need to
accomplish, post it here. Someone should be able to point you in a good

Best Regards,
Jeff Luther/PC Design

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