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Ingo Pohl

Regular searching

Post by Ingo Pohl » 10 Mar 2006, 15:24

 Posted by:  Ingo Pohl 

Hi @all,

i want to implementate a regular search expression within my application.
therefore i found a small dll on

unfortunatly the declaration for the functions are in vb what woul they be
in Centura?

Private Declare Function sed Lib "sed.dll" (ByVal instring$, ByVal regexp$)
As String
Private Declare Sub fed Lib "sed.dll" (ByVal infile$, ByVal regexp$, ByVal

Thanks in advance

Using TD 3.1 PTF3R WinXP SP2 (German)

Christian Astor

Re: Regular searching

Post by Christian Astor » 18 Mar 2006, 10:59

 Posted by:  Christian ASTOR 

Just use LPSTR

Ingo Pohl

Re: Regular searching

Post by Ingo Pohl » 20 Mar 2006, 08:10

 Posted by:  Ingo Pohl 

Thanks i did it with LPCSTR but got sometimes strange results...
LPSTR seems to be better.

Whats the difference between them?

LPCSTR -> Pointer to a character-array?
LPSTR -> Pointer to ?
LPVOID -> Null-Pointer?
HARRAY -> Array of Handles? What are Handles in C/C++ ?

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