Sorting in TOM? (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
Gerald Brauneck

Sorting in TOM?

Post by Gerald Brauneck » 08 Feb 2006, 17:49

 Posted by:  Gerald Brauneck 

Does anybody know if sorting is working in the current version of TOM. I#'m
using 3.1 PTF 3. Project, files and anything else is unsorted.
Mayby I should go to the wichlist?

ps please don't answer that it is a bug since 1990 - I know this!

Dave Rabelink
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Sorting in TOM?

Post by Dave Rabelink » 09 Feb 2006, 18:50

I don't know about TOM versions above 3.1, but the unsorted stuff in
TOM is indeed there for several versions now.

TOM wishes are many, but up until now not adressed.

But i have a solution, with some tricks to get the project list in TOM
in the sorting order you desire. I am currently busy using this
solution to get our massive list of projects sorted in groups and
within groups on project name and it actually works.

I will post the steps to take here in this thread shortly, after i
have documented the procedure.

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