Version question (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
Mario Pflucker

Version question

Post by Mario Pflucker » 25 May 2005, 23:56

 Posted by:  Mario Pflucker 

I have SQL Windows 2005, but for for various reasons all our code is in CTD
version 1.5.1. I am thinking about starting to use TOM. Is there a problem
with using TOM 2005 with the 1.5.1 files?



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Version question

Post by Charlie » 26 May 2005, 15:49

 Posted by:  Jason Veniot 


Haven't tried it, but seems to me I read somewhere something along the lines
of this:

If you treat the older SQLWindows files as "Other / non-SQLWindows" files
(i.e. don't scan them for components), it shouldn't be any problem.


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