TOM Licensing (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
Mr. Anderson

TOM Licensing

Post by Mr. Anderson » 01 Aug 2004, 04:11

 Posted by:  Mr. Anderson 


We are considering using TOM as the file version control repository for all
the Gupta/Centura projects. We currently have one developer only using
Gupta/Centura Team Developer. In an application project you may have
involve: busines documentation, database design, reports design, source
code, image files and much more...

So I was wondering if anyone knows which are the licensing policies
regarding TOM? and TOM distribution inside the company?

Example: In the next example of the project team: How many licences of TOM
do I need?

1.- Developer Licence for coding. Also image keeper.
1.- DBA svaing and keeping the database structure map with erwin.
2.- Business analyst saving documents in word with the business logic.
1.- Analyst designing report.

Thank You very much,
Mr. Anderson

J.G. Mischke

TOM Licensing

Post by J.G. Mischke » 02 Aug 2004, 13:55

 Posted by:  J.G. Mischke 

Try to use Subversion


Juergen Mischke

Charles McLouth

TOM Licensing

Post by Charles McLouth » 02 Aug 2004, 19:04

 Posted by:  Charles McLouth 

You need one license for each user. However, we don't usually sell TOM
licenses independantly of TD (we have on a some occasions, though.)
Therefore, please contact me privately with your e-mail, phone number, &
address and I'll ensure that you are contacted to discuss the issue.



Gerald S

TOM Licensing

Post by Gerald S » 09 Aug 2004, 05:49

 Posted by:  Gerald S 

We use SQL Server and moved to SourceGear Vault, and have been very happy.
They offer a free single user version of their applicatioin.


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