false insufficient disk space alarm

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Antti Kinnunen

false insufficient disk space alarm

Post by Antti Kinnunen » 04 Jun 2004, 11:27

 Posted by:  Antti Kinnunen 


This one is driving me nuts, so please - give me something.. :)

We're using 3.0.00 version of TOM, and we were occasionnally having false
insufficient diskspace alarm earlier while making new builds.

Now I can't check in files, or make new builds at all. It just says there's
insufficient disk space, while there's 40GB available - should be plenty
enough... I searched, and there's some old post (year ~2k) here, and there
was suggested to have _maximum_ 4GB free for TOM, or it won't work. We have
had that ~40GB for a ½ year, and it has been worked mostly fine earlier - so
is this somehow partially fixed thing so that barrier is only 10 times more
now, or is there something else?


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